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     Since the fall of communism, the Constantza Port had become a very competitive environment. Our agency consolidated its position in this service industry due to the thorough understanding of the continuously changing needs of shipping, based on our experience in the field.
     In the fast changing world, the need to communicate is vital. That is why we strive to keep up the fast pace of technology in order to provide an extensive customer service.
     Focusing on solving problems and creating value for our clients, our skills have been developed in order to meet the demands of clients worldwide.
     We are dedicating ourselves to ensure that your vessels operate as smoothly and reliably as possible throughout their staying. What concerns us are not just your assets. Our approach is to look at the vessel from a holistic point of view.
    Talk to us in person to find out just how broad and varied our range of services is. Try us to find out how reliable are we.



Seahorse Maritime Ltd.